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Oh dear! My apologies this bit is slightly embarrassing!

My first experience at school was crying at the thought of being left alone with a fusty looking, old mistress. Where was my mum going? Why was she leaving me in this cold and unfriendly place? Why was this unfamiliar woman showing me to a tatty Victorian (I didn't know that at the time) desk? I was four and I was about to become educated (or not!) Wisewood Infant school was the venue.

Through out the years I don't think it became much better. I can't say I enjoyed school, especially in the senior school. I hated gym, the random quality of teachers, and I couldn't face standing up in the class. So I retired to the back and kept a low profile, so did the quality of my work!)

and in reverse order here's the qualifications for a public education in a decent school, but with no desire to learn...thank god I discovered photography!

Secondary education:
Wisewood Comprehensive, Sheffield 1971 – 1977
Woodwork GCE O-Level grade C
Technical Drawing GCE O-Level grade C

Further education:
Granville College, Sheffield 1979-1980
Photography GCE O-Level Grade C

Stannington College, Sheffield 1984-1985
English Language GCE O-Level grade B
Mathematics GCE O-Level grade A

Stradbroke College, Sheffield 1989-1990
City & Guild 923 Photography Distinctions in all 5 modules

Parkwood College, Sheffield 1990-1991
Photography GCE A-Level grade A

Jessops various sales training
EMAP various journalist and management training courses
MPL various business courses

See, told you. The thing is though, I've worked with some of the cleverest people with the best degrees an education could throw at them, and many have about as much common sense as planks! Am I allowed to suggest a plank is thick this day and age?

School wasn't all bad. I had some great friends, In the early years Richard Kangley (bubbles) David Tilbrook (not sure), later on Ian Jennett (got me into photography), Craig Feetham (music buddy).

It was also my first introduction to being an entrepreneur...I bought bags of stamps, sorted them, and stuck them in approval books (Harry Bender Stamp Club) and used the money to buy vinyl and collectors cards (Batman, Monkees, Panini Football, land of Giants, etc).
School web site
Wisewood School, like many schools, now has a web site:
Wisewood School