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Buying camera kit
If you want new equipment check out Warehouse Express. They came from no where about five years ago and have filled a huge gap that Jessops left when they went from back street specialists to high street best seller. The link I've given goes to ePHOTOzine's affiliate site which is powered by WE.

Park Cameras
Grays of Westminster
(exclusive Nikon dealer)
eBay photography
Photo technique
Slightly biased, but the main place to go for photography techniques is my very own ePHOTOzine for in depth guides. I've been building this for the last six years and it now has over 400 film and digital guides.

Barry Beckham
Loads of Photoshop tutorials
Masses of Infrared photography details

Many more will follow in due course.
I'll be building this section up in due course, sharing favourite photographers' web sites. To start with here are just a few who frequent ePHOTOzine. There are many more brilliant names that I'll get round to adding. Apologies if I missed you.

Paul Stefen
Martin Wait
Dan Baker
Steve Sharp
Bruce Morgan
Becca Cusworth
Keith Henson
Anthony Stewart Hamilton
Victor Habbick
Rebecca Rijsdijk
Hermin Abramovitch
Paul Ward
Lucie Nadejova
Abdul Kadir Audah
Annaliesa Bending
Kathy Wright
Gaspar Cabrera (Takui Neko)
Daniel Warburton
Arne Hoffmann
There are many places photographers need to go for services. I'll be building this up listing companies/web sites I use.

Camera Collectors Fairs
Peak Imaging (film processing)
Pentax User club
Freelance Photography Made Easy (for freelancers)
Macro Bellows (all about macro photography - and BPM Bellows)
Photography Attic (loads of second-hand and used cameras and photographic accessories)
Mirror lenses (all about mirror lenses and mirror lens photography)
RingFlash (all about macro flash and ringflash photography and equipment)
Equipment reviews
Once again, for a wide range of reviews go to ePHOTOzine.

DP Review (camera reviews)
photodo (lens reviews)
Imaging Resource (camera reviews)