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Whatever you use need you'll find the answer on the web. Google has become one of the most powerful tools in the web world. Here are a few or the sites I visit regularly to find info.

I dabble a little in the stock all started out when EMAP offered a SAYE share scheme at a time when the shares were just £1.80. A few years later I'd amassed a tidy sum selling those same shares at £16. Sadly I invested in technology (at the wrong time) and, like many, lost most of the money I made through the EMAP shares. I look daily on the investing section of Moneyextra.

Yahoo Finance
Buying stuff
If you have never bid or sold using eBay you don't know what you're missing. It's addictive. eBay (auctions)

Auto Trader (cars)
All Approved Cars (used cars)
Alpha Rooms(hotels)
Cheap Flights (budget flights)

Places I've used and would recommend for various services.

Companies Made Simple
(setting up a company)
Auction Sniper(auto auction bidder)

Office Supplies
My company uses Viking Direct to buy most of our office supplies - they offer great deals on certain products, such as envelopes and filing bits, and next day delivery which suits us.
Sites I visit to find things out.

HTML character codes (copyright symbol etc)
Wikipedia(the ultimate dictionary...and more)
XE(currency converter)
Babel Fish(language translation tool)
Country Codes(area code finder)
Sheffield Today(local news)