sight and sound


Over the months it has taken me to get to grips with web site building I stumbled across many fine web sites offering help in the form of templates and tutorials. Here are some that stick out as being extra special.

Web Design
I didn't have a clue how to start this project but knew I wanted to do it from scratch to help me learn more. Also having worked with Will (my web devloper on ePHOTOzine)for several years he'd made it clear that a PHP site was better and one with include files and style sheets. I decided the best way forward was to select a basic off the peg CSS template system and hack it apart.

Having looked around I decided I liked the work of G Wolfgang, found on OpenSourceTemplates web site. These templates are free to download and just have to credit the originator. I think you'll agree there's not much left of the original design, but I couldn't have got here without him.

The Gallery idea came from Dynamic Drive It is a CSS based piece of code that took quite a bit of work to fit into my site, and only works well in Firefox at the moment.
I'll post links to sites providing help with javascript, ajax, php, html and CSS here.
Building a website in XHTML has lots of useful advice including how to validate pages that include affiliate links.
Search Engine Optimisation
I'll post links to sites providing help with search engine optimisation here. First link to add is BRL (Build Reciprocal Links) This site has a fantastic set of SEO tools to check out your site's performance. Well worth a look.
Links to useful download stuff. If you're looking for a font that's a bit different check out Urban Fonts There are hundreds of fonts to download for free, all grouped in styles for your ease.
Domain registration, web build and hosting
Here's were I'll add great places to register domain names, build and host your site.
Links to useful software to build, connect to and update your web site will appear here.