Photo365 – Day 153 – Letter Z

The final part of my alphabet series is the letter Z taken in the garden of a spinning washing drier. I looked around for where…

Photo365 – Day 152 – Letter Y

Letter Y is a meat fork and the result of pushing the Pentax K5’s ISO to the limit. Well judging by the result perhaps not…

Photo365 – Day 148 – Letter X

Letter X forms the alphabet themed photos part of my Photo365 project. This is a tap off a reproduction copper/brass diving helmet.

Photo365 – Day 147 – Letter W

Letter W is a pair of wrist strengtheners for my alphabet photo part of my photo365 project. Photographed with the camera’s built in flash to…

Photo365 – Day 146 – Letter V

Letter v of my alphabet sub section of the photo365 project is the side of a perfume bottle photographed upside down. 10 marks if you…

Photo365 – Day 145 – Letter U

A Guitar Hero guitar forms the shape of the letter u for my photo365 project.

Photo365 – Day 143 – Letter T

I’m photographing the alphabet as part of my photo365 project. Today the letter T is represented by a pin hammer. I photographed it on my…

Photo365 – Day 137 – Letter S

Letter S is a photo taken on its side of a living room table for my photo365 project.

Photo365 – Day 136 – Letter R

Today’s photo365 pictures is part of my alphabet series and is the trigger of a sealant gun that forms the letter R.

Photo365 – Day 131- Letter Q

Letter Q didn’t take long to find. I thought about a circle with something sticking out and then went on the hunt for the right…