Photo365 – Day 348 – Worksop Cinema Phase 8

It’s been three weeks since my last cinema record shot, and you can see it’s now starting to take shape, with glass mirrored windows up…

Photo365 – Day 327 – Worksop Cinema Phase 7

Those who’ve been following my blog will be aware that I’ve been documenting the building of Worksop’s new cinema. I went a few weeks ago…

Photo365 – Day 294 – Worksop Cinema Phase 6

Things are progressing well in the cinema build. The floor has been laid and a lower wall erected, along with some of the internal structure.

Photo365 – Day 285 – Worksop Cinema Phase 5

The fifth in a series documenting the erection of the new Worksop cinema using an iPhone in HDR mode.

Photo365 – Day 276 – Worksop Cinema phase 4

Another week passes and not much noticeable advancement. I will continue taking interval shots until the project is finished…and then I’ll go a watch a…

Photo365 – Day 264 – Worksop Cinema phase 3

Another from a series charting the building progress of the new cinema in Worksop. I will stand in the same spot once or twice each…

Photo365 – Day 256 – worksop cinema

I took a photo of the site where the cinema is going to be built a few months ago for my daily photo365 project. Since…

Photo365 – Day 200 – new beginnings

Building commences on a new cinema for Worksop. Taken with the iphone and Hipstamatic.

Pink Floyd The Wall movie

Saw a late evening performance of The Wall movie by Pink Floyd at the Leicester Square Empire ticket EE10