Sandown Park with Pentax

Pentax sponsored a Race day at Sandown Park and invited us along to launch what was to be a big flop – Digibino DB-100 Hosts…

Carol’s 30th Birthday

Carol’s – Katie’s friend – 30th birthday party. The most vivid memory for me was the girl on the left coming in to the toilet…

Camera collector’s fair

Collectors Fair in London sold £800 worth of stuff On the way back called at the galleria and saw American Beauty


Day in Dovedale followed by evening curry. William tries to get Katie’s top off

Spin Spin Sugar

Night out with Sue and Katie Hole in the Wall,¬†Burghley Arms and end up at Central Nightclub in Peterborough…pissed Katie invites me round for Chilli…

Played skin heads

Night at Charters I am Satan Sue is Charlie’s Angel Katie is Bart Simpson (first night I’d met her) Jane is Hells Angel